MB ChB (1980), MRCP (1983), MRCPsych (1986)
General adult psychiatry

Robin Lawrence is a Consultant Psychiatrist with decades of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders, and has practised for many years from his clinic at 96 Harley Street. An authoritative and respected voice in general adult psychiatry, his special interests include depression, anxiety, bipolar affective disorder, adult attention deficit disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, addictive disorder and the full range of recognised mental health conditions.

He is also a skilled Psychotherapist, combining the ability to prescribe with complementary talking approaches, believing, as he does, that psychotherapeutic insights are often indispensable to the achievement of positive mental health outcomes. Offering a combined psychiatry and psychotherapeutic service enables him to address patients' immediate, often debilitating, symptoms, as well as facilitate longer-term change if indicated and/or desired.

Robin Lawrence is available for public speaking engagements on subjects related to adult psychiatry.


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96 Harley Street
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