Feeling Defeated And Entrapped Is Linked To Anxiety And Depression

March 03, 2014 - By Dr Robin Lawrence

This is the conclusion of research being presented at the Annual Conference of the British Psychological Society's Division of Clinical Psychology in York by Alys Griffiths and colleagues from Manchester and Leicester Universities.

Feeling Defeated And Entrapped Is Linked To Anxiety And Depression

Alys set up a study where people from economically deprived areas, over half of whom were experiencing levels of defeat and entrapment that were clinically relevant, completed measures of defeat, entrapment, depression and anxiety on two occasions 12 months apart. Her analysis of the results showed that people’s levels of feelings of entrapment and defeat at the start of the study predicted changes in anxiety and depression a year later. Targeting these feelings and the causes for them could be crucial in improving mental health in people from poorer areas. Alys says: “People in socioeconomic deprivation are more likely to feel trapped in a no-win situation and develop mental health problems. This study is the first to demonstrate that defeat and entrapment are risk factors for common mental health problems within the general population. Our results suggest that screening for defeat and entrapment may help with early identification of people who may be at risk of developing mental health problems.

British Psychological Society (BPS) (2013, December 5). Feeling defeated, entrapped is linked to anxiety, depression. ScienceDaily.

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