Invest In Primary Relationships

April 02, 2014 - By Dr Robin Lawrence

Research has shown that we need to invest in our primary relationships if we are to succeed in them as much as we succeed at work.

Invest In Primary Relationships

Is this a surprise?

But do we do it???

Couples should be at least as invested in their relationship work ethic, prioritizing their partner and putting the same kind of energy into active listening, planning time together, finding a workable solution for sharing household tasks, and handling personal stress so that it doesn’t spill over into the relationship.

Journal Reference: Jill R. Bowers, Angela R. Wiley, Blake L. Jones, Brian G. Ogolsky, Kathryn Branscomb. Helping Dual-Earner Couples Manage Work - Partner Interferences: A Program Evaluation. Marriage & Family Review, 2014; 50 (1): 55 DOI: 10.1080/01494929.2013.851054

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